A recent survey showed people between the ages of 21-30 who didn’t drink craft beer, chose not to do so because of lack of knowledge and high price. However, what about people that are less concerned about money? What about higher classed bars than that of the college bars?

Champion’s Club of LSU is a VIP section in Alex Box stadium that sells alcohol during LSU baseball games. Champion’s Club Operations Coordinator Sean Hanlon said the club sells a good amount of craft beer each month.

“I’ve found that some of the craft beers we sell are very popular,” Hanlon said. “All of our beers cost the same, whether domestic or craft beer, so people are more open to order craft beer than they might be somewhere else.”

“While people may be more open to trying our craft beer because there is no price difference, but sales stats still show that domestics are in higher demand,” Hanlon said.

Hanlon said craft beers vary depending on different things, such as game time or an in-state game.

“I’ve noticed people usually order more domestic beer as opposed to craft beer during day games,” Hanlon said. “People usually find it easier to drink light beer because it doesn’t fill them up as much.”

Brice Gaudet, Champion’s Club bartender said that because they carry mainly Louisiana craft beers, craft beer prices are higher during in-state games.

“Most people who come in the club are older because it is expensive to get in,” Gaudet said. “That’s probably why domestic beers sell in higher demand than our craft beers.”

Collin Smith, another employee of the Champion’s Club, said he has heard from many customers of a different reason as to why they prefer domestic beer over craft beer.

“I’ve frequently been told by customers that they stick to domestic beers because they are healthier than most craft beers,” Smith said. “Most domestic beers have a lot fewer calories than craft beers.”

The stat sheets above provided by Hanlon show that even though all beer cost the same, the most popular beers are domestics.


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