Pastels, floral prints, neutrals, and lace garments filled the brightly lit and spacious Urban Outfitters like a bed of freshly blossomed flowers in a garden. The clothing store located at Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge, revealed their Spring collection this March and delivered a delightfully pleasant collection of garments. With materials ranging from cotton and linen to denim and lace, the Urban Outfitter’s Spring collection contained a vide variety of styles. The style of the clothes appeared to vary by decade.


“I’m really loving the different combinations of decades of fashion that are in…like the floral and bohemian style with a mix of ‘90s denim,” customer Jennifer Veazie said.

Each garment looked as if it belonged to either the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s. However, from first glance the store had an overarching Woodstock feel. The first floor of the store had a large dress and romper section with dresses ranging from short to long, printed to plain, and short-sleeve to spaghetti strap.


All of the dresses seemed to remain similar in that they all appeared to be very airy and light weight, preparing their customers for the warmer weather.

Sales Associate, Kim Lam described the Spring collection as almost Easter themed, but without being, “tacky.” She said, “Its very light, nude, and natural.” Lam said all of the items are comfortable and can be worn with nearly anything. Along with the store’s variety of clothing, the store also had a large selection of undergarments.


The neutral and pastel theme carried into the undergarment section where majority of the bras and underwear were lightly colored and made of a lace or mesh material. They had a 5 for $25 deal in which the customer can choose five of any underwear from their selection and get them all for $25 (plus tax). There were also booties, sandals, “Mary Jane” shoes, and wedges scattered throughout the store which were often paired with outfits for the floor display.


The women’s section wasn’t the only part of the store that customers seemed to enjoy. The men’s section had many fans as well.

Customer Barry Kinsey said, “Urban Outfitter’s Spring collection is really nice and they have a really nice selection with bright colors and dark colors ­­­­­­­­­­­­—either way you’re set.”

The men’s section, much smaller than the women’s section, had a bit of a darker theme. Some of the items were acid washed, contained holes, and looked more grunge. The shirts were longer than normal waste length and came in cooler tones.

FullSizeRender-7 2

However, they also had beach shorts, sunglasses, hats, and Hawaiian themed shirts to match the Spring theme. The men’s section had a large variety of T-shirts that came in many colors, each for $20. They also had humorous and patterned socks with a 3 for $20 deal.



Urban Outfitter’s Spring Collection was any and everything I could’ve asked for out of a clothing store while the seasons are changing. The light and pastel theme throughout the store was welcoming and helped create a peaceful and fun environment to shop in. The themes of the clothes all meshed to create one beautiful display.




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