Tina Albares Trosclair grew up in Schriever, La. with a mother who helped her develop a deeply rooted faith. Her mother instilled in her a strong sense of salvation, mercy, forgiveness and prayer.

Her faith has continued to grow as she actively seeks God on a daily basis. Her career as a schoolteacher has helped her to strengthen her own faith as well as the faith of her students.

While Trosclair was teaching at Evergreen Junior High School in Houma, La., she was the sponsor of the campus Bible Club. This was special because it took place at a public school. The students were not required to attend. They attended by choice. They took it upon themselves to explore their faith and learn more about the Lord. Trosclair worried that her Bible Club efforts were not paying off, but eventually she realized that they did. She now sees so much good in the people she was surrounded by in the organization.

“I guess it is always important to remember that the seeds you plant in life will one day be watered, and grow, but many times we do not see the fruit,” said Trosclair. She believes her job is to plant seeds, believe in faith for good results and to pray.

Trosclair currently teaches at Houma Christian School in Houma, La. She continues to teach students about the Bible and God’s love for them. This is her favorite part of being a teacher.

Trosclair has been married for 27 to her husband, Pastor Vernon Trosclair. She described being married to a pastor as a blessing in many ways, but also challenging. She explained that people both inside and outside of a church are sometimes judgemental.

“I feel like teaching helped to prepare me to be the wife of the pastor because you have to have tough skin,” she said.

About four years ago, the couple decided to do something that truly touched the lives of people. They started a company called I Thee Wed. They began hosting and officiating weddings in their backyard for couples that could not afford a real wedding.

The Trosclairs offered these couples a reasonably priced wedding. They took care of almost everything. They provided decorations, wedding cake and photography. Tina Trosclair described it as her dream job.

“Many, many people thanked us for allowing them to have the wedding of their dreams,” said Tina Trosclair. She followed that by saying, “Seriously, how special is that!”

When the Supreme Court changed the marriage laws allowing gay marriage, the Trosclairs made a somber decision. They decided to stop hosting weddings altogether.

“I feel like I am grieving a loss; like a dear friend is gone,” she said in regards to no longer hosting weddings.

No provisions were made for ministers who owned private businesses to be able to legally withhold from marrying gay couples when the laws changed.

“It’s not out of hate or disrespect; we just don’t believe it is what God intended,” said Tina Trosclair on withholding from officiating gay marriage.

I Thee Wed is now strictly for bridal showers and special events. The words “Sorry, we no longer host weddings” are typed in large font at the bottom of the homepage of the company’s website.

However, no longer hosting weddings did open up the couple’s schedule. They now help out a single mother by keeping her son, Kash, every weekend. They now have more time to help people in need.

At the end of the day, Tina Trosclair lives by Romans 8:28 which states, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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