The lovely city of Baton Rouge has plenty of restaurants to fulfill any desire one might have. Sushi, Pizza, Greek food, Mexican, whatever you can think of, this city most likely has the place to go for it. Oh, and of course some Cajun style cookin’. People that have lived here for most of their lives know that everyone has their favorite food joint for a craving, whatever it may be for that day.

Going out to eat here is a more than one-time-a-week thing. Baton Rouge natives love their food especially when it is served to you and you are at a big table with friends and family. The typical Friday night in BR is chaotic for most restaurants. Even during this lenten season, restaurants offer an alternative menu for those who choose not to eat meat.

Whether you want a sit-down dinner or the drive thru, the restaurants in this city are always busy, but ready to take care of business. Nielson Scarborough, an online database that collects information from mailed questionnaires, did some research about Baton Rouge’s eating habits.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.22.33 PM

84 percent is a lot. That is excluding the quick places to eat like Subway or Chick-fil-A. Sit down restaurants are a somewhat narrow category when thinking about all the eating possibilities.  Here are some specifics:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.20.49 PM

225 Magazine did a survey asking the “Best of” certain types of food. So read carefully, because you want to try these places.

Best BBQ: TJ Ribs. This casual yet elegant rib joint has been here for three decades. The owner Thomas “TJ” Moran unfortunately passed away this past year, but his legacy lives on through his restaurants and his family. The place is known for their baby back ribs but all things meat are delicious at TJ’s.

Best Cajun/Creole: Louisiana Lagniappe. Being one of the fancier restaurants in town, this place will exceed your expectations with their Louisiana grub. Starting off with boudin balls and eating one of Lagniappe’s favorites will make for a great night.

Best Burger: Burgersmith. While only being in BR for a few years, they have taken over the burger industry quick. Originally out of Lafayette, this burger place has their own style unique to them with “smith sauce” or homemade chili, and even an option to put a fried organic egg on top of your patty, along with the other burger necessities.

Best Crawfish: Sammy’s Grill. Of course crawfish can be judged, we are in Louisiana! And crawfish season is the best season. Sammy’s Grill is good food all year around but they triumph in the crawfish boiling competition.

Best restaurant for a hot date: Tsunami. Tsunami’s atmosphere is uncanny, with an amazing sushi menu comes a drink list to die for. Whether you eat at the bar or outside on the rooftop terrace overlooking the Mississippi Bridge, Tsunami is always an experience.

Read Best of 225: Food and Drink here. 


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