The second round of meetings to discuss the I-10 Corridor Improvement Study began Monday at McKinley Magnet Middle School.

Monday’s meeting was part of a series of meetings held by the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) in and around the Baton Rouge area.

“The purpose of the I-10 Corridor Improvement Study is to identify system deficiencies contributing to congestion patterns throughout the I-10 corridor from west of the Mississippi River to the I-10/I-12 split,” Anastasia Semien, DOTD public relations officer, said.

Several traffic and engineering experts attended the meeting to discuss possible solutions to elevate traffic in the area. Some of the solutions suggested were restructuring the College Drive exit, removing the Washington Street exit, widening I-10 and adding a new bridge.    


The suggested solution to widen I-10 did not sit well with some residents.

“You don’t need to keep widening,” Baton Rouge resident, Bernadette Wilkinson, said. “You need to build another bridge. We’ve been saying it for 20 years.”

Wilkinson explained that her concern was with the College Drive area and that widening I-10 was just a temporary solution.

“It’s a critical problem for the city,” Wilkinson said. “In this particular case I’m concerned with the College Drive area because I live in that area.”

After the meeting, attendees were encouraged to view exhibits displaying the I-10 problem areas.

More information on the I-10 improvements can be found on the I-10 Corridor Study website.


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