Boys basketball—The Denham Springs Yellowjackets beat the Walker Wildcats 61-53 last night. Making this game number eight on Denham’s winning streak.

Walker started out strong, gaining the ball on the toss-up and scoring the first basket of the game. Walker forced Denham to play defense early on in the game, but the roles quickly reversed.

Both teams played aggressively from the beginning, with Walker displaying a tough defense throughout the game. However, Wildcat defense was no match for Denham’s #30 Torez Kinchen and # 20 Tori Odom. Odom began the game making three-pointers and proved he was not afraid to shoot the ball.

Walker came into the second quarter with a three-pointer by #30 D. Moore. Walker forced Denham to play defense throughout the second quarter, but Denham’s offense made up for any lost points. The teams entered half-time with a score of 34-24 Denham.

Walker seemed to be closing in on Denham in the third quarter, entering the fourth with a score of 42-38. Denham proved to be a fourth quarter team, scoring 19 points in the last quarter.

Kinchen made back-to-back three-pointers in the third quarter, damaging Walker’s momentum for the rest of the game. Kinchen’s scoring remained relentless into the fourth quarter. Kinchen scored the first three-pointer of the quarter within seconds of coming out of the quarterly timeout, helping Denham keep a safe gap in the score.

Despite a leg injury, Denham’s #12 Mitch Wilkerson subbed into the game twice for Kinchen. The Yellowjackets’ #24 Dorsett Washington went down in the second quarter with an ankle injury. He was helped off of the court by coaches and remained out for the rest of the game.


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